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Supermoms Take on Washington to Protect Antibiotics

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Earl Hafner Guides a Tour of his Iowa Farm (10)

Earl Hafner of Hafner, Inc. guides Pew Campaign on Human Health and Industrial Farming staff on a tour of his farm in Panora, Iowa. Hafner practices responsible use of antibiotics in raising his farm animals.

Added:Mar 23, 2012

Supermoms Come to Washington (14)

On April 16, more than 50 moms, dads, chefs, farmers, and pediatricians came to Washington to call on Congress and the Obama administration to protect the public from superbugs by eliminating the overuse of antibiotics in food animal production.
Added:Apr 30, 2013

SuperChefs Take to Capitol Hill (6)

On April 23, chefs from across the country traveled to Washington to ask Congress to eliminate the overuse of antibiotics in meat and poultry production.
Added:May 1, 2013

Chicago's Food and Health Leaders Celebrate Responsible Antibiotic Use (10)

On July 24, 2013, Pew hosted a farm-to-table salon dinner to celebrate sustainable agriculture in the Midwest and to discuss the public health impact of the overuse of antibiotics in industrial animal agriculture.
Added:Aug 7, 2013