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Nov 18, 2013

Reuters: U.S. Senate Backs Bill to Regulate Bulk Drug Compounding

The U.S. Senate on Monday approved a bill designed to prevent the type of quality control problems that led last year to a deadly outbreak of fungal meningitis traced to a tainted pharmaceutical mixed by a Massachusetts pharmacy.


Source: Reuters

Nov 18, 2013

New York Times: Bill on Drug Compounding Clears Congress a Year After a Meningitis Outbreak

A bill that would give the Food and Drug Administration more power to police compounding pharmacies passed its final hurdle in Congress on Monday, in what experts said was an important step to a safer drug supply in the United States.


Source: The New York Times

Oct 22, 2013

Times Beacon Record: 2012 Pew Scholar Deciphering Smell

Dinu Florin Albeanu, a 2012 Pew scholar and assistant professor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, studies the relationship between smells and complex perceptions—such as the presence of food, mates, or predators. Working with mice, he’s uncovering the neurological signals governing the reaction to smell.


Source: Times Beacon Record

Oct 3, 2013

2013 Pew Scholar Speaks at 2013 Allen Institute Symposium

  On September 26, Viviana Gradinaru, a  2013 Pew scholar and assistant professor at California Institute of Technology, spoke at the annual Allen Institute for Brain Science—which focused on neuroscience. Watch her talk, titled “Neuromodulation and Neurodegeneration Insights from optogenetics.”


Source: Allen Institute

Sep 30, 2013

2008 Pew Scholar Wins NIH Pioneer Award

Leor Weinberger, a 2008 Pew scholar and associate investigator at the University of California, San Francisco’s Gladstone Institutes, has been selected to receive the NIH Director’s Pioneer Award. The $500,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health is awarded annually to individual scientists who demonstrate exceptional creativity, allowing them to realize highly innovative research proposals. Dr. Weinberger's project is entitled "Evolvable Resistance-Proof Therapies."


Source: NIH

Jul 9, 2013

Snack Food Calories Restricted

Jessica Donze Black, director of the Kids' Safe and Healthful Foods Project, speaks with Education Week about new rules to restrict calories in snack foods and beverages sold in schools.


Source: Education Week

May 6, 2013

''Bipartisan Bill Would Pay for School Kitchen Upgrades, Equipment''

Jessica Donze Black, director of the Pew Kids' Safe & Healthful Foods Project, speaks with Education Week about a bipartisan bill that would provide money for school kitchen upgrades.


Source: EducationWeek

Feb 25, 2013

2001 Latin American Fellow Wins Collaborative Activity Award

Sidarta Ribeiro, a 2001 Pew Latin American Fellow, with the Brazilian Society for Neuroscience and Behavior (SBNeC), wins a Collaborative Activity Award: Understanding Human Cognition from the James S. McDonnell Foundation.



Feb 25, 2013

2007 Pew Scholar Wins The Vilcek Prize

Dr. Michael "Micha" Rape, a 2007 Pew Scholar, has been named winner of The Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Biomedical Science for his work on ubiquitination, a process which "tags" damaged or bad proteins for destruction, as it relates to many diseases, including cancer or neurodegeneration.



Feb 4, 2013

''Let The Sunshine In: CMS Releases Transparency Rule''

"After 15 months of delay, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has finally released the long-awaited Sunshine Act rule, which establishes procedures for gathering and publishing data containing financial ties between physicians, teaching hospitals and drug and device makers, as well as group purchasing organizations."


Source: Pharmalot

Nov 28, 2012

''Drug, Device Makers Anxiously Await U.S. Doctor-Payment Disclosure Rule''

''Drug and medical-device makers are bracing for a new U.S. rule that will require them to report physician-payment information to the government--a rule some companies and doctors fear will be overly broad and could mislead the public.''


Source: Wall Street Journal

Nov 21, 2012

''Report Says FDA Needs Workforce Improvements''

In 2007, an agency panel found that the FDA’s "scientific workforce does not have sufficient capacity and capability" and the agency is "not positioned to meet current or emerging regulatory responsibilities." The Pew Charitable Trusts wanted to know if that’s still the case, and asked the Partnership for Public Service to find out. "FDA has made progress," says the Partnership’s report, but the agency "continues to have significant workforce and management challenges in the scientific and medical arenas that need to be addressed."


Source: The Washington Post

Oct 2, 2012

''FDA Chief Says Scarce Funding Hobbles Sweeping Food Safety Regulations''

"The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it is having difficulty implementing expansive new rules to improve food safety, nearly two years after President Barack Obama signed the standards into law, because of a lack of funding. FDA chief Margaret Hamburg said the implementation process has been slow because Congress has not provided sufficient funds to meet the law's ambitious demands."


Source: Reuters

May 15, 2012

''Business Credit Cards can be Rewarding but Risky''

"Direct mail offers are flowing for business credit cards, many with attractive promotional interest rates and balance transfer deals...while there are many reasons to open an account, there can be substantial risks involved."


Source: Credit Card Guide

Feb 13, 2012

Healthy changes coming to school lunches

"The Healthy and Hunger-Free Kids Act takes effect in the 2013-14 school year and will require school lunches to be healthier for students."


Source: ABC News