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Feb 13, 2012

''A Squeeze on Customers Ahead of New Rules''

"Banks are struggling to make money in the credit card business these days, and consumers are paying the price. Interest rates are going up, credit lines are being cut and a variety of new fees are being imposed on even the best cardholders."


Source: The New York Times

Nov 4, 2011

''Bank Fees Are a Credit Union's Best Friend''

"Something is wrong when keeping cash in the kitchen cookie jar seems a reasonable substitute for your bank.''


Source: Bloomberg

Nov 3, 2011

''Consumer 10.0: How the Pew Trusts aided credit card reform''

"It was early 2007, and Michael Roster and Dwane Krumme each viewed the credit card industry with growing dismay."


Source: Philly Tablet Inquirer

Oct 21, 2011

''Fees Help Drive Working Poor From Banks''

"'Hidden or unexpected' fees are the No. 1 reason given by the working poor for closing bank accounts, a recent study found. The study by the Safe Banking Opportunities Project, a project of the Pew Health Group, surveyed 2,000 predominantly low-income, Hispanic households in the Los Angeles area in a two-phase study. Study participants were screened and recruited through a door-to-door, interviewer-administered survey."


Source: New York Times Bucks Blog

Oct 21, 2011

''Gotcha’ Fees Force Customers to Quit Banks''

"Hidden bank fees are pushing the working poor out of mainstream banking and into riskier, more expensive alternatives to managing their personal finances. A new study released by the Pew Charitable Trusts provides a stark snapshot of how banks’ embrace of sneaky fees hurt the most vulnerable consumers."


Source: Time Moneyland

Jul 28, 2011

''Tight Times Boost Business Credit Cards''

''More small companies—already struggling with weak sales and tight lending—are being forced to rely on business credit cards to provide working capital.''


Source: The Wall Street Journal

Jul 22, 2011

''Consumers Hold High Hopes for New Bureau''

''If you've ever thought someone was playing fast and lose with the rules on your credit cards, credit score or mortgage, but you had no idea where to go with your complaint, you now have a place to turn.''


Source: The Chicago Tribune

Jun 14, 2011

''Senators Seek More Disclosure For Business Credit Cards''

"Four Senators today called for more disclosure on business credit card offers so cardholders will understand that business cards are not protected by the same laws as regular consumer cards that bar practices like retroactive interest rate hikes."


Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

Jun 3, 2011

''Business Credit Cards Provide Few Safeguards''

''Households receiving offers for 'business' credit cards would be wise to throw them away, a nonprofit research group is warning consumers.''


Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Jun 1, 2011

''Credit CARD Act Turns Two: Are Consumers Better Off?''

"It’s been two years since the landmark Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 was signed into law, and by all accounts, it’s led to some pretty significant changes in the giant industry grinding away behind those little pieces of plastic."


Source: Time