Schools, Students Benefit From Higher Nutrition Standards

Schools, Students Benefit From Higher Nutrition Standards

Updating national nutrition standards for snack foods and beverages sold in schools.
Project Short Description

The Antibiotics and Innovation Project addresses the growing public health challenge of multidrug-resistant infections by supporting policies that stimulate and encourage the development of antibiotics to treat life-threatening illnesses.

Topics: Antibiotic Innovation

The Drug Safety Project works to ensure a safe, reliable pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution system. The drug supply chain has become increasingly complex in recent years. Today’s prescription and over-the-counter remedies originate in factories all over the world, moving into American homes through supply chains that can involve numerous processing plants, manufacturers, suppliers, brokers, packagers, and distributors.

Topics: Drug Manufacturing and Distribution , Drug Safety

People need to have confidence in the U.S. food supply and a safety system that is based on prevention and scientifically sound risk assessment and management, as well as reliable, comprehensive data. The Food Safety project seeks to reduce health risks from foodborne pathogens by strengthening federal government authority and the enforcement of food safety laws.

Topics: Food Hazards

The Health Impact Project, a collaboration of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Pew Charitable Trusts, is a leading national initiative dedicated to promoting and supporting the use of health impact assessment (HIA) in the United States. HIA is a type of study that helps policy makers identify and address the likely health impacts of a decision in a field outside of health.

Topics: Health Impact Assessment

Innovate FDA will examine the ability of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to carry out its critical mission of ensuring that medical products are safe and effective while at the same time facilitating the development of new products that can improve human health. It aims to achieve this by fostering and supporting improvements in the FDA’s scientific staff, tools, and regulatory processes.

Safe and nutritious school food is critical to improving children’s health and reducing their risk for serious chronic diseases, rates of childhood obesity, and foodborne illness. The Kids’ Safe and Healthful Foods Project advocates for stronger safety standards and necessary resources to ensure every school across the nation is serving its students food that is good for them.

Topics: School Food

The Medical Device Initiative seeks to improve the tracking of medical device safety and to foster innovation that benefits patients through streamlined device approvals. 

The Pew Campaign on Human Health and Industrial Farming is working to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics by phasing out the overuse and misuse of the drugs in food animal production. We work with public health and food industry leaders, veterinarians, agricultural interestes, academics, and citizen groups who share our objective of protecting human and animal health.

Topics: Antibiotics in Food Animal Production

The Pew Prescription Project works to advance policies to reduce and manage conflicts-of-interest related to financial relationships between prescribers and the drug and medical device industry, through federal policy and change at academic medical centers.

Topics: Conflicts of Interest