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Safe Credit Cards Project

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Samantha Lasky Officer, Communications Tel: 202-540-6390

For many Americans, it is hard to imagine life without a credit card. Compared to cash and checks, credit cards give consumers the freedom to purchase goods and services from around the globe and on the Internet with enhanced buyer protection. With the convenience of credit cards, however, also come hidden risks that have trapped many Americans in a cycle of expensive debt.

In partnership with the Sandler Foundation, the Safe Credit Cards Project worked from 2007 to 2011 to educate the public and policy makers by assessing the true cost of credit. It worked to shape policies to protect consumers from potentially harmful credit card practices and to promote responsible management of debt. In addition to advocating for the Credit CARD Act, landmark legislation that passed Congress in 2009, the project supplied information and analysis to financial regulators responsible for implementing the law.

For information on Nick Bourke, project director of the Safe Credit Cards Project and Pew Safe Small-Dollar Loans Research Project, click here.

Two Steps Forward

Two Steps Forward Report

This report presents findings of the Pew Health Group’s most recent assessment of the credit card marketplace, based on data collected in March 2010.

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The C.A.R.D Act of 2009

The C.A.R.D Act of 2009 Video

Pew Safe Credit Cards Project Manager Nick Bourke discusses impact of The Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009.

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