Antibiotic Innovation

Pew is advocating a new regulatory pathway to streamline the study and approval of new antibiotics for patients as few if any treatments exist for them.

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School Food

The right tools can help schools prepare meals with more fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and whole grains.

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Antibiotic Innovation

As bacteria quickly develops resistance to new drugs on the market, it is essential that the supply of new antibiotics keeps pace with these evolving pathogens.

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Health Impact Assessment

New funding opportunities could help organizations conduct health impact assessments (HIAs) to inform policymakers of the health considerations of new policies, programs, and projects.

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FDA: 25 Antibiotic Makers Will Comply with New Policies

Agency introduced rules in Dec. 2013 to curb antibiotic overuse and increase veterinary oversight on industrial farms. More

March is National Nutrition Month

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Here are a few facts to chew on as schools across the country are exceeding expectations as they strive to serve students healthy school meals.


Foodborne Illness Safety Victims Write Letters to the Editor Touting FSMA


After a recent visit to Washington, D.C. to seek support from Congress for the Food Safety Modernization Act, two victims of foodborne illness wrote letters to the editor of their local newspapers to detail the trip and to promote their message to readers. More


Aaron Wernham

Director, Health Impact Project, , The Pew Charitable Trusts
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